Francisco Mora Catlett - Electric Worlds

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Label: Planet E
Format: Vinyl
Country: USA

'Electric Worlds' isn't a jazz album. Jazz is a language Mora's undoubtedly fluent in, but he's making techno here - hence the title - and it's techno that reminds us of Detroit's 1980s flexibility and the inherent hope in its boundless creativity. Tempos are fluid, synthesizers are unglued, and basslines are dipped in pure funk essence. The music sounds unmoored from reality, almost like a dream of what techno might have been, rather than what it actually is. It's exactly what theorist DeForrest Brown Jr. describes when he states: "Make Techno Black Again".

A1. Jazzy Jit
A2. Electric Worlds


B1. C2 (313)
B2. Open Window Into Outer Space


C1. Booom MX
C2. Fire and Water


D. Tenere Sahara